Union Black – New Skindred Album Announced

The last week was filled with headlines of Rob Zombie visiting the UK on a tour after 12 years; now all of those headlines are gone, replaced. You all know what replaced them, the announcement of the new Skindred Album titled “Union Black”, album scheduled to be released May 2.

skindred union blackThe front man of Skindred Benji Webbe has this to say about the new Skindred album: “This is the first album we have written and recorded in the U.K. It’s a big departure from our usual sunny California or Florida surroundings; it’s bloody freezing! The album will be darker and heavier than any of our previous recordings and I’ve not been this excited whilst writing since I was a kid! ‘Union Black’ is bringing the darker side of the ‘DRED out, for sure!”

Great news for any Skindred fan for sure, a few concerts and a darker than black, Union Black album from Skindred are coming.

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