Who is Skindred?

Except for the fans that have been following the band Skindred for the past decade there isn’t so much as the online biography to be found. So instead let’s try and focus on who Skindred is, what they represent, along with the facts of their history and some plans for the future.

The band Skindred was formed in 1998, when the previous band of the vocalist Benji Webbe called Dub War disbanded. Dub War is considered to be the founder of the genre Skindred is in, ragga metal, which is the combination of rock, metal and reggae. The band was formed in 1993 and lasted a few years with two albums released before the band fell apart, but it was here long enough to start something new and force the singer Benji Webbe to continue with the new brand of music with his new band Skindred.
Benji Webbe first tried to get his band members from Dub War to start a new project, but since that seemed impossible he found three new members for his new project. Well at first he formed Skindred with Jeff Rose and Ginge Ford, but they started to argue and their first album titled Babylon ended up pretty bad. But soon after Daniel Pugsley, guitarist Mikey Demus, and drummer Dirty Arya Goggin joined Webbe and re-recorded the Babylon album which was released as their debut album in 2002. A new sound swept across the world soon to be known as the popular Ragga Metal, pairing up with bands like Korn, Sepultura and many of the greats. But the fact that they had to struggle and reissue the album two more times until the final recognition of their work in 2004.

Their first album Babylon soon after started getting a lot of attention, it was number one on the US Reggae billboard and it was in almost every rock top 10 in the world. Their hit single “Nobody” soon became known around the world, featured in video games like the famous Need for Speed. In 2006 they were already categorized as mainstream with only one album behind them, but that was soon to change as they released their second album titled “Roots Rock Riot” in 2007.
That was it for the band; they gained recognition by other musicians, labels and the world, making them at the top of their career still moving forward. They placed a considerable amount of talent and hard work in their last album released last year, 2009, titled ”Shark Bites and Dog Fights”. They are currently preparing for a new tour that will start on Jul 16 2010 at the Gurten Festival in Bern. Their new single, “You can’t stop it”, is rocking the chart lists and the way things are going we will be seeing a lot of Skindred in the future, well at least we hope so.
Stayed tuned to Skindred.com , the Unofficial fan website of the band Skindred for news and updates on this Ragga Metal sensation.

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  • bernd michaelis Says:

    Hey Benji,
    My english is not perfect – I’m from Germany.
    You don’t know me. But I’ve seen you (and skindred) at the “hurricane FESTIVAL” in Germany. (I was the man with that “dub war” t-shirt). I know you till “dub war”.
    Do you have a shirt or something with an autograph?!?
    I would pay for it. I know. My english is not perfect…
    Your friend of germany!

    • Z Says:

      Hi Bernd 🙂 Thanks for commenting, but I should note that this is the Unofficial fan site of the band and Benji probably won’t be reading this.

  • Daniel Says:

    Hi Skindred,you best band off world!!!

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